Easy Time And Attendance Tracking With TimeTrex

Keeping track of your employees is essential if you want to run your business efficiently. You could be losing money if you are off on your time and attendance tracking, which is why you want to use a tracking system like TimeTrex that will help you manage every aspect of your business so you always know what is going on and you always have accurate records.

One of the unique ways that the platform keeps track of attendance is through biometric timeclocks that you can enable on any type of tablet or phone. This allows employees to clock in remotely and you can also turn a tablet into a facial recognition timeclock on the job site. You can mount the tablet at the door and teams can use their phones to check in.

Biometric time tracking is very accurate and it will even work if your employees are wearing hats or glasses. This is a fast way to save time and you have proof that your employee was actually there since you can store the photos. TimeTrex also supports QRCodes. You can track an unlimited number of employees with this system and it features real-time data communication.

Your employees can also use their phones to check in. They just have to download an app and you can track their location via GPS and their time. It takes under 5 seconds to check in or out and the app will take photos. You can also track your employees through a touch-tone phone. This is a great backup method for tracking employees and it also works as a primary method when your employees don’t have internet access.

TimeTrex allows you to track your employees from anywhere in the world. They will work with your budget and the size of your company to come up with a plan that is going to work for your company. Companies can also use their computers to check in for work. You can use TimeTrex to generate real-time timesheet reports that you will give you the information you need about your employee time and attendance. You can generate these reports from anywhere in the world and you can review the attendance reports whenever you want.

You can also use TimeTrex to set up unlimited accruals to automatically track vacations, banked time and sick days. Employees can also check their vacation time and sick days themselves so they don’t have to ask human resources for this information. You get all the control you need when you use TimeTrex and it is a powerful time and attendance tracking platform.

When you are able to monitor and get real-time reports of what your employees are doing, you will have more control over your business and you will save money. The TimeTrex system is easy to use and the company will train you how to use it and set up the program so it is going to work best for your company. TimeTrex gives you control.